Coop Denmark digitises for a seamless retail experience

May 5, 2022


Large scale digital transformation

Coop is the largest retailer of consumer goods in Denmark and going through a process of streamlining its retail experience by creating an omnichannel approach for its customers. The large scale digital transformation programme is ongoing…


Venquis Remote Hiring Model

Venquis specialists across the whole of business change supported Coop’s transformation programme, helping to migrate core systems and processes onto new platforms; SAP implementation, ERP, project management, security and digital. Nordic Client Relationship Managers at Venquis worked with Coop’s Executive team to recruit more than 100 people across the whole of business change, using the Venquis Remote Hiring Model to source, interview and onboard local talent remotely.


100+ specialists hired into Coop

The work was effective across all Coop’s retail chains. Venquis continues to work with Coop and has been for the last 24 months. The digitisation program is still ongoing, as is the hiring of specialists.

Project team.

Client Solutions: Jack Grimes
Talent Delivery Lead: Charles Lowndes
Talent Delivery Team: x8
Marketing: Jaspreet Kaur

CIO of Coop DK, Morten Holm Christiansen

“Venquis is totally solution-driven and has a real appetite to improve, constantly asking for feedback and ways to advance. The calibre of candidates is at a very high standard and we have been able to secure candidates that we would never have been exposed to under our previous model. Ella has been great at managing our expectations and managing the whole process from start to finish, really going above and beyond my expectations. Feedback from candidates that have been or haven’t been successful with their application has been equally positive. I’m looking forward to continuing working with Venquis and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.”

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