Venquis Contractor Club

Talent Acquisition

Welcome to Venquis Contractor Club (VCC).

As soon as you’re placed with Venquis you will become a member of this exclusive club, allowing us to make your life easier by providing you with an efficient contracting experience.

ONBOARDING PORTAL: Access the onboarding portal to complete your onboarding documents and sign your contract. It should take you around 15 minutes to complete everything. If you have any questions feel free to email Lucia Grech, Head of Contracts & Compliance on or 0207 074 9811.

TIMESHEET PORTAL: Access the timesheet portal to complete your monthly timesheets. All timesheets need to be uploaded and approved by 5th of every month. You will be paid on 27th of every month (one month in arrears) unless it falls on a weekend or a bank holiday when you will be paid the following working day. Any questions please contact Nina Khaabmeta on

PAYROLL: For any questions regarding payroll contact Corinne Wong, Head of Payroll on or 0203 405 3505.