Technology and the future of work post-pandemic

April 5, 2022

The last two years have led to a fundamental rethinking for how to recruit and retain talent for technology decision-makers.

Within organisations the IT department has taken centre stage, with increasingly complex operating models evolving from a new hybrid way of working. The IT department is having to fundamentally re-think how it manages recruitment and retention of employees.

How has the dust settled, and will it stay that way?

From an staffing perspective, IT and technology departments have faced the challenges of remote working and changes to recruitment processes, all exacerbated by the Great Resignation.

Staff retention has been a key focus. Engaging staff and achieving their buy-in hasn’t been easy, with demands for more flexible working and higher salaries.

Maintaining an engaged environment drives business success and as such senior management have faced the challenge of creating a culture of development and progression for employees in a hybrid setting.

For IT departments there has been an emphasis on innovation, ensuring both existing and new technologies have been successfully integrated and embraced within teams to cater for new remote and hybrid working models.

The new world of remote working has transformed business models, particularly in terms of recruitment. Teams now have access to a larger pool of candidates through hybrid and remote working, enabling them to attract higher quality talent, which also helps retain and motivate existing staff, resulting in greater productivity.

Download our report which takes a closer look at the workplace trends that are here to stay:

  1. Reliance on technology has raised the role of the IT department
  2. However, this has increased the pressure and stress on employees
  3. Balancing skillsets to achieve recruitment and retention goals
  4. Pandemic and Great Resignation have exacerbated recruitment and retention challenges
  5. Move to remote working means businesses now have access to a greater pool of talent
  6. Recruitment benefits and challenges are likely to stay in a hybrid environment

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