PPL hailed ‘The saviours of The London Market’

January 6, 2023

PPL is The London Market’s electronic placing platform which enables brokers and insurers to quote, negotiate, bind and endorse business digitally.


In 2015, the London insurance market built an e-placing platform, PPL, to remove the paper-heavy process for all brokers and insurers. The system works as a single market solution and creates an electronic information flow and audit trail, covering all classes of risk placed in London. The market-roll out was completed in 2018, and in 2020 the Next Gen platform build started, taking PPL to the next level.

Staffing solution.

We started working with PPL in 2015, when they took advantage of Venquis screening technology and fully tailored outsourced solution to deliver the First Gen platform based on their requirements. From the outset, Venquis took charge of sourcing all of the vital skillsets and the specialists placed. These included Business Analysts, Testers, Architects, Relationship Managers and Product Owners. For the Next Gen build in 2020, Venquis supported PPL build out a new programme team, which saw them scale extraordinarily quickly, and famously become ‘Saviours of The London Market’ during the pandemic. PPL has a unique culture, which the team at Venquis thoroughly understand. Working as an extension of their business we were able to assemble a new, agile talent delivery team for their second phase of hiring. Timescales were tight, so our speed to hire was as quick as 24 hours for contractors. 


Venquis has hired 47 people into PPL, including some of the management team. Currently, the platform is being used by over 400 market firms and allows over 20,000 insurers and brokers to work together remotely.

Project team.

Client Solutions: Liam Kelly
Delivery Lead: Charles Lowndes
Delivery Team: x6
Marketing: Jaspreet Kaur

Head of Operations, PPL, Colin O’Malley

Venquis have been an integral partner to PPL since our inception. Venquis really understand the type of person that works well in the unique PPL team. Over the last 5 years they have provided a number of great resources with a wide range of skills that have been crucial to the growth of the company.

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