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We recruit the people changing how you travel, shop, bank, insure, eat...

Our people are behind the digital revolution as global retail brands transform their customer experiences... fintech takes off... blockchain disrupts the shipping industry... transport becomes electric and projects get bigger... insurance claims use machine learning and the world of work changes for good. 

We are specialists in business transformation and technology change recruitment, permanent and interim.

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Meet the Team

Expert business transformation and change consultants in UK, Germany, Nordics and Benelux.

What people say about us.

  • Tim Rayner, Head of Group Operations
    Miller Insurance

    The service from Venquis has always been of a very high level with all vacancies filled within 4 weeks which is an impressive achievement within the London Insurance Market. In 2013 we entered a Managed Agency relationship with Venquis, giving Venquis exclusive access to Business Change vacancies reducing our overall costs of recruitment and further leveraging the great service that Venquis provide. 

  • Steve Danby, Head of Investment IT
    Investec Asset Management

    Venquis are a proactive recruitment company who have worked hard to become a preferred supplier. They attract quality professionals in both the contract and permanent positions and understand their chosen business areas well. Most important to me is their communication approach, which is open, available but never overbearing. They are also trustworthy and recognise the value of long-term relationships.

  • Jack Perschke, Divisional Head of Government

    ATOS has been recruiting Technology & Business Change candidates from Venquis for many years and the service has always been of a very high level. Venquis has introduced us to some exceptional people. As a further indication of my overall satisfaction with Venquis I have recommended Venquis to various personal contacts who have always been delighted with their tailored approach and results.