Nextens transforms the Netherlands with next-level software solutions

September 8, 2022


Tech-first software solution provider Nextens, one of the 7 brands within LexisNexis Risk Solutions has revolutionised the tax industry across the Netherlands. They focus on building software, to continuously optimise tax processes making them slicker and faster by offering online declaration programs that link with other software packages. This has helped their customers solve problems, make better decisions, stay compliant, reduce risk, and improve their operations.

Senior Software Engineering Manager, Nextens, David Kornalijnslijper.

Finding talent in a highly competitive labour market is a challenge that Venquis solved for us. By listening to our needs and by applying preselection we got to engage with strong candidates and reduced the time and effort required to find the right people with the right skills and mindset.


Nextens were on the journey of building out a search engine and needed to build software to simplify processes for their clients. They were also looking to scale up their internal capacity to deal with their upcoming digital transformation projects. A range of skillsets was required to complete this including Testers and Senior Developers. Venquis assigned a dedicated Project Team for Nextens. A bespoke and transparent project roadmap was created. Project goals and a communication plan were clearly defined and agreed. The Talent Delivery team introduced qualified Venquis candidates within 2 weeks, following our candidate ‘engagement – screening – qualification’ programs.


This Staffing Project was successfully completed within 2.5 months, with all new, local Dutch, team members onboarded at Nextens state-of-the-art Millennium tower office. Hiring time was successfully reduced as the internal team was searching for this talent for 7 months. 

Our relationship with Nextens started in February 2021, and we look forward to a continued successful partnership.

Senior Software Engineering Manager, Nextens, David Kornalijnslijper.

Venquis helped us find talented and proactive individuals that enjoy solving the complexities of building taxation software in high performant squads using state of the art Microsoft technology. People with strong communication skills and enjoy finding and learning about the best solutions together with their colleagues.

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