Ambulance convoy to Ukraine

September 15, 2023

This week Barnaby Parker, our Executive Chairman, delivered ambulances and aid to Kyiv, Ukraine.

It’s a humbling experience to be in a war zone, contributing in such a small but significant way to the battle against oppression.”

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Saturday 9th September update

“So, on Sunday morning I’ll be driving one of these fine vehicles to Kyiv on behalf of Medical Life Lines Ukraine. We have so far delivered 34 ambulances, 17 generators and one all-terrain secure crane to Ukraine and plan to keep going for as long as we have volunteers, funds and the ability to do so.”

Friday 15th September update

“This week I delivered an ambulance as part of a convoy to Kyiv. The people of Ukraine have been at war against an aggressor that refuses to accept the Ukrainians right to autonomy or respect their boundaries.

Personally I have been struck by the bravery and stoicism of the people I’ve met. They are very grateful and would thank each of you individually if they could. They definitely deserve our full support (as does anyone who is the object of aggression).

Thank you to so many of you reading this who have supported me financially, emotionally or both.

My convoy has raised nearly £100,000 which is testament to the generosity of strangers (like you and me) to people in dire need.”

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