About Us

Why Venquis?

The recruitment industry is fast-paced and slow to change, which can compromise the quality of work, producing less than average results. It doesn’t have to be like that. At Venquis, our innovative delivery team offers comprehensive solutions by using technology at every opportunity. This allows us to be flexible regardless of location, scale or complexity and deliver change projects across Europe. We can help you source the best talent from a variety of roles across technology, analysis and leadership within business transformation. We make our clients Smarter, Faster, Better.

Let us execute your strategy.

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Our Expertise

Business transformation is a specialist skill. It's all we do. We are sector specialists, and work with the world's leading brands to deliver change.

We have access to an amazing pan-European pool of transformation talent across digital technology in financial services, insurance, industry & commerce and public sector.

How we can help you recruit change and transformation specialists

In today’s disruptive world, business transformation has become vital and constant for any successful business. Specific functions such as Technology, Finance, Operations, HR and Risk have evolved to the point where ideas, and capabilities, such as ‘Continuous Delivery’ are becoming mainstream. Businesses are also facing non-stop digital challenges and are finding that they must continuously change to survive and thrive. 

It may seem easier to call in management consultants, but for truly embedded transformation we believe you should do the job in-house; this is where we can help. Let our consultants guide you through the key business transformation steps.

Our Values

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    Be distinctive

    We are clear about who we are, purpose is at the heart of what we do

    Our consultative approach does not start or end with a CV. We integrate purpose into our process and bring fresh ideas to help our clients recruit candidates in a way which develops diverse, dynamic teams and drives the long-term sustainable success of their businesses.

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    Be team spirited

    We have re-thought what it means to be a team

    Our team extends beyond Venquis. Your success is our success and we ensure that everything we do at every stage is designed to put the long-term interests of our clients and candidates first. 

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    Be ambitious 

    We are ambitious for our business and the positive impact we can have

    We are committed to growing our business based on outstanding consultancy and attracting the best candidate pool for our clients to recruit from. We are ambitious for the impact of our role in finding diverse and inspirational talent and identifying leaders of the future. At Venquis, ambition for our success and integrated stewardship go hand in hand.

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    Be reassuring 

    We deliver excellence with integrity at every stage

    Our success is underpinned by our extensive market knowledge and experience. “Change Reimagined” has been key to how we approach business transformation and we have sought to embed our values in every aspect of our consultative approach. It is an approach which is aligned to our clients, led by our consultants and true to our values and culture. This comes across in every aspect of our work, both large and small and by setting the highest bar we seek to deliver excellence for our candidates and clients.