About Us

Why Venquis?

If you want a business transformation specialist to help you hire the best transformation talent, and make sure your change programmes are successful, we can help you. Last year we placed some 500 transformation specialists in more than 100 businesses. It might also help you to know we won 'Best specialist recruitment company' and 'Best small recruitment company' at the Global Recruiter Awards.

We can help you find people in UK, Germany, Scandinavia and Benelux, and have a proven track record of delivering successful business transformations for the world's leading businesses.​

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Our Expertise

Business transformation is a specialist skill. It's all we do. We are sector specialists, and work with the world's leading brands to deliver change.

We have access to an amazing pan-European pool of transformation talent across digital technology in financial services, insurance, industry & commerce and public sector.

How we can help you recruit change and transformation specialists

In today’s disruptive world, business transformation has become vital and constant for any successful business. Specific functions such as Technology, Finance, Operations, HR and Risk have evolved to the point where ideas, and capabilities, such as ‘Continuous Delivery’ are becoming mainstream. Businesses are also facing non-stop digital challenges and are finding that they must continuously change to survive and thrive. 

It may seem easier to call in management consultants, but for truly embedded transformation we believe you should do the job in-house; this is where we can help. Let our consultants guide you through the key business transformation steps.

Vision, Culture & Values

Our vision is to be the world's number one Business Transformation Recruiter. Since 2012 we’ve expanded our team from 8 to 56 people and extended our footprint into Europe. Business transformation recruitment is our lifeblood, we know it inside and out. That’s why we were a finalist in last year’s Global Recruiter Best Specialist Recruitment Company Award.

Our culture is high-performance, identifying and rewarding leadership and specialist market knowledge. We invest in our people through training, reward and recognition, fostering an ambitious team spirit.

Our values underpin everything we do...

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    Be distinctive

    We are clear who we are, what we do and how we do it.

    More importantly we understand why this makes us unique. Our consultative approach does not start or end with a CV. We have created a stimulating working environment, actively encouraging and rewarding fresh thinking to help us deliver better results.

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    Be team spirited

    We strive for excellence in every area of our business.

    We work as a team and our clients and candidates are also part of this team. Our success comes from this shared belief we put into practice every day. Your success is our success.

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    Be ambitious

    We are ambitious for the people we work with and ourselves.

    We are committed to growing our business based on outstanding consultancy, unique process and attracting the best business transformation talent pool for our clients to recruit from. After all, we didn’t go into business to be second best.

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    Be reassuring

    It's not enough simply to be ambitious.

    Success must be underpinned by our extensive market knowledge and experience, delivered through our unique consultative approach and measured against the high standards we have set ourselves. This approach should come across in every aspect of our work, both large and small.

Charity starts at home

Our vision goes beyond profit. We are members of the Heart of the City charity which supports us, and 800 other businesses, to develop CSR strategy through volunteering, fundraising and charity relationships.

Our charity partner is Shivia 

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Give a woman micro credit and she, her husband, her children and extended family will eat for a lifetime.

Transforming the world around us and people’s lives is at the heart of what we do, and we have partnered with Shivia, an inspirational micro finance charity which supports small-scale entrepreneurs in disadvantaged communities in Nepal and India.

We encourage our own employees to get involved with Shivia projects at home and overseas. The highlight of our leadership training is a trip to India to do our bit on the ground for the people at the charity.

Diversity starts at home

Diversity is a critical contributor to company performance. We’ve been saying this to our clients long before the investment houses started to rank share prices against it. 

People from different backgrounds bring fresh ideas and new thinking that is critical to effective business change and transformation.

All consultants are trained using our 'Venquis Diversity Commitment' toolkit which encourages our clients to boost diversity in their hiring policies and unlock a broader talent pool. We have also set up a “Women in Business & IT Transformation” forum.