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Our Expertise

Business Change and Transformation 

At Venquis we take a personal approach to delivering change largely through the excellent candidates that we work with. When pressed we like this definition of what it’s all about;

Business transformation (and change) is the necessary response to whatever opportunities or threats a firm’s management determines to be most critical.

In business it is no longer only about the major, transformational initiatives; it’s also the incremental improvements that can be applied to everyday work practices & processes. No business can be competitive if it fails to manage ‘change’ successfully. Specific functions such as Technology, Finance, Operations, HR and Risk have evolved to the point where ideas, and capabilities, such as ‘Continuous Delivery’ are becoming mainstream. In a further evolutionary step, plenty of organisations have established Change or Transformation teams.

Above all successful change answers the question: how do I get my employees to embrace, adopt and utilize this change to how they do their work.

The ingredients are as follows

  • Strategy - Where we want to get, aka the ‘target state’; Why we want to be there; How we will get there

  • Systems - The scope of change, as defined by its parts (human, technological, procedural), their interdependence and their interactions

  • Structure - How we organise ourselves to accomplish the change; also, any modifications in organisation as a result of the change

  • People - Those involved and impacted (aka ‘stakeholders’), either during the change, or as a result of it

  • Process - The actions and steps taken to achieve the end-state of the change; also, any modifications in how work gets done as a result of the change

  • Technology - The use of tools and techniques to effect the change; also, the introduction, or modification, of tools required to accomplish work in the target state

  • Culture - the values and behaviours required to enact change; also, the introduction, or modification, of these as a result of the change

  • Risk - Consists of interpretation, technical guidance and impact analysis of new aspects of regulation and compliance

This matrix illustrates our capability.

Our clients

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