Venquis demonstrates our desire to go ‘above and beyond’ for our candidates

Candidate Anne had been working in the insurance sector for over 15 years and, as a result, had acquired a high level of change experience. She had held a senior change project manager position in a leading Lloyd’s market insurer for some time and had decided to plan her next career move.

At the time our client, a leader in the global insurance market, was looking for a permanent senior change project manager. They required the successful candidate with a strong background in insurance and change, with demonstrable successes in end-to-end project management and delivery. 

We approached Anne with the role, believing it to be perfectly suited to her requirements. However, she was already waiting on a potential job offer from one of our client’s key competitors. She had a few reservations about the offered role but the remuneration package was great.  We briefed her on our role and she was interested, although stressed that, if we proposed her for the role, the process would have to progress with pace due to her other offer.

With this in mind, we submitted Anne’s CV to our client and set up an interview within two days. Our client loved her but wanted her to meet the new head of change before making any decisions. He was not due to start working until the following week however, which was too late for Anne.  Pushing hard on Anne’s behalf, we convinced the new head of change to meet Anne before he had even started in his role. The meeting took place and our client, much to Anne’s delight, made an offer that week.