Senior international candidate headhunted in three weeks after competitors failed to deliver

Our client, a global insurance company based in Germany, for whom we were a preferred supplier, was looking for a senior risk director. The role, which had been open for some time, required a senior level, native German speaker with experience in team and portfolio management and international exposure. Our client had been searching for the relevant candidate for over three months, and had completed several first interviews but none had progressed to second stage.

Venquis, on learning of the unfilled role during a business development call with the hiring manager, offered to help and flew to Munich to discuss the requirements in more detail. After spending one week sourcing relevant profiles, we presented a shortlist of three headhunted candidates, all of which were invited to interview.

One of these candidates, a Harvard graduate, was settled in his Munich based portfolio management role in a tier one bank. However, he had been there for eight years and was happy to consider our role, which would provide him with more responsibility and a move from banking into insurance. He progressed through to the final stage and was subsequently offered the job.

This placement demonstrates a combination of our strengths; our willingness to meet the client overseas at short notice, our tenacity in carrying out a successful headhunting search where others had failed, and our ability to work at speed.