A tenacious approach from Venquis secured our candidate his ideal role

Contract candidate David O, a Business Process Analyst in the investment banking sector, approaching the end of his contract and looking for his next appointment. As the consultancy that had placed him in his last role, Venquis was his first point of contact.

David had always received fantastic feedback from his employers and we knew he was a first class candidate. He wanted to continue to work in the insurance sector and expressed interest in a business change opportunity within a global specialist insurer. This role, which had been open for three weeks, required someone to lead a regulatory project which would involve business units across the whole organization. A number of candidates had been seen, but non were deemed suitable.

Despite having insurance and regulatory experience, David’s CV was initially rejected by our client. We pushed back, urging the client to meet David as we considered him a ‘must see’ candidate.  After meeting him, the client agreed and offered David a 6-month contract. David is now entering his first full year at the insurer and a senior level permanent role looks possible.

We were delighted to be given the opportunity to help David secure his ideal role and set him on a successful career path. Our relationship with this client meant that we were listened to which, in this case, made all the difference.