Steve Freer & Valdemar Wawrosz

Tempus Novo, UK

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Enabling people to live fulfilling lives

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Changing attitudes for the better

Tempus Novo is a charity set up by Steve Freer and Valdemar Wawrosz with the mission to transform lives by supporting ex-offenders back into employment. After 30 years working in the prison industry, they realised that far too often the same faces were reappearing back in the prisons and he decided to do something about it. Tempus Novo engages with offenders who have a desire to change, and coordinates a bespoke network of services tailored to the individual both while they are still in custody and for the first year after their release to get them into work. This innovative approach has produced genuine positive change for those involved (80% employment retention rates, improved self-esteem) and it is changing attitudes to employing ex-offenders. So much so that Tempus Novo now has businesses approaching them directly for hard-working loyal candidates. A game-changer for giving offenders a fresh start and building their self-esteem.