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MAD33 2021 will be announced 16th December!

MAD33 tells the stories of the 33 most inspirational leaders making a difference. Those people progressing us faster than ever into the new information age; towards singularity, a world of driverless cars, total automation, genuine artificial intelligence, wearable technology, climate change and DNA editing.   We believe humanity can answer the challenges it faces, and […]

By Ash Macfarlane

November 30, 2021

The Transformers Voice – Oliver Shallcrass

Context of Transformer Oliver is the senior business consultant in the Strategy and Development team, responsible for the delivery of major projects at Markel International. Why are transformations important? Change is good. There, I said it. Someone asked me the other day if you should keep delivering change and growing for the sake of it; […]

By Jaspreet Kaur

November 24, 2020

How holographic technology is coming to your automobile

  MAD33 judge Barnaby Parker interviewed Jamieson Christmas, inventor and scientist, in search for the MAD33. Jamieson is putting cool holograph technology into the automobile world so that images and information will appear outside your car. He’s reinventing the way you’ll interact with your vehicle – watch how it will affect your driving in the […]

By Jaspreet Kaur

November 3, 2020

The Victorian MAD33

MAD33 tells the stories of inspirational change and transformation leaders that Made A Difference. Those people who have progressed humankind faster than ever into the new information age.   If MAD33 had existed in 1850, who would have made the list? It’s the inventors, explorers and social innovators. The Victorian period has many parallels to […]

By Craig

November 1, 2020

MAD33 2020 revealed

After hundreds of nominations, whittled down to only 33 this year’s MAD has finally been revealed in this virtual launch and we could not be more excited to share their inspirational stories.

By Jaspreet Kaur

September 1, 2020

Digitally transforming with Susan Jakobek

PPL is the London market’s electronic placing platform which enables brokers and insurers to place business digitally. This removes paper from the process and creates a digital information flow audit trail. With the Lloyd’s underwriting room closed from 16.00 on the 19th March due to COVID-19, PPL is now an essential part of the London Market […]

By Jaspreet Kaur

April 14, 2020

Celebrating people Making A Difference: Professor Chris Whitty

Chris is right at the top of the tree of all science advisors in the UK. He has become a regular feature of the coronavirus crisis – flanking PM Boris Johnson as he delivers critical news to the nation. Chris was parachuted from a behind-the-scene advisory role into the public eye, proving it’s the experts […]

By Jaspreet Kaur

March 31, 2020

How do you turn real assets into electronic bits?

Tokenisation of real assets via blockchain technology is the answer. The topic has been growing in interest for a couple of years. This is due to several factors including 1) the growth of private capital looking for non-publicly traded assets 2) public capital investors increasing their asset allocation to alternatives 3) development of technology opening […]

By Jaspreet Kaur

February 27, 2020

Bringing your product ideas to life

    With our founders Barnaby Parker and Ashleigh MacFarlane on the search for the first-ever MAD33, they came across Charlie Bradshaw who aged 18 opened his own product, design and development agency. He has gone and designed products for some of the leading brands across the world, such as British Airways, Boots and BBC. […]

By Jaspreet Kaur

February 25, 2020

Interview with MAD33 judge Nick Jenkins

Nick Jenkins founded the online greetings card retailer Moonpig.com which he sold in 2011 and was also a “dragon” on the BBC Two business series Dragons’ Den from 2015 to 2016.     Nick is on the judging panel for this year’s MAD33 nominations – but what are his credentials for making a difference? “When […]

By Jaspreet Kaur

February 19, 2020

Do you still own a combustion engine vehicle?

When will you purchase/lease your last combustion engine vehicle? It is a fun guessing game to play, especially now that we are getting closer to the tipping point for fully electric vehicles. No doubt, some people reading this article will have already shifted to electric.   Not all transformations happen overnight and certainly this is […]

By Ash Macfarlane

October 10, 2019

Which leadership type are you? Fireball.. Hero.. Artist.. Analyst?

At Mad33 we believe that there are lots of different paths to success, and even more paths to failure. The lines between success and failure are thin and often come down to leadership (and pure chance). So we’ve got together with the experts, studied the traits of successful leaders and identified 9 that we’ve decided […]

By Craig

March 26, 2021