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At Venquis we share a vision to be “the world’s number 1 business transformation recruiter". These are the people that are making it happen;

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Barnaby Parker

Steve Garner

Clare Eades

Jack Grimes

Meryem Mernissi

Alex Bigland

Corinne Wong

Mathias Geisselsoeder

Jabrien Bains

Mike Mihaylov

Simon Warburton

Michael Roche

Jon Sharpe

Tom Fernandez-Buckley

Adam Holmes

Kirsty McIntyre

Jamie Allen

Ludwig Hohmann

Ed Richardson

Alexia Burkimsher

Tom Healy

Olsi Berisha

Shivani Patel

Joshua Djumpah

Meera Joshi

Ella North

Diego Baynes

Emma Sears

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