Speculative headhunt lands great match at Tier 1 German investment bank

Candidate Andrea was happy in her senior management position at a strategy consultancy based in Munich but had tentatively started to think about her next career move. She was referred to us by one of her colleagues who we had just headhunted into a new position.

Initially, we approached Andrea with a specific role in mind but she was not interested. However, she encouraged us to stay in touch with new opportunities so when a vice president role at a tier one German investment bank became available we contacted her. As a mother of two young children, Andrea was looking for a position with some flexibility to achieve a good work/life balance, but which offered good levels of client interaction and exposure across different risk types. Our risk management role, suited Andrea, who had over eight year’ experience in risk and compliance, perfectly.

Ten days after our initial contact with Andrea, she interviewed successfully  with this tier one investment bank and, after a further four weeks, was offered the role. Venquis, who managed the offer process, was also able to negotiate the option for Andrea to work from home on Monday and have Friday afternoons off, a deal with which she was delighted.