Venquis sources key role for energy technology leader’s restructure

The restructure of one of the world’s leading suppliers of energy technology in 2013 involved establishing new UK divisions – or clusters - to create an end-to-end service offering. Their managing director contacted Venquis directly, seeking our assistance on sourcing a suitable candidate to head the northwest cluster. The only new division without a lead meant time was of the essence.

Venquis searched the market for suitable candidates using a combination of social media networking and headhunting. Within two days of receiving the role brief, we submitted three high quality CVs.  Confident that each candidate possessed the necessary skill sets and culture fit for the organization we were unsurprised when all three were invited for interview.

Faced with a hard choice, our client eventually selected his preferred candidate and we successfully managed the offer and acceptance process for what was one of the most prominent hires within our client’s organization of (2013).