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Work with the people transforming how you travel, shop, bank, insure and eat...

Our people are behind the digital revolution as retail brands transform their customer experiences… fintech takes off… blockchain disrupts the shipping industry… transport becomes electric & projects get bigger… insurance claims use machine learning and the world of work changes for good.

Our own journey is to become the world’s number 1 Business Transformation Recruiter. What about you? What are you looking for? What’s the dent you want to make on the planet?

At Venquis you’re not just an employee, you’re an owner. We're co-owned. 100% of the equity is owned by our employees meaning that you can own a valuable slice of an award winning, fast growing and successful recruitment business.    

And you aren’t just joining us on our mission to enable positive change globally, you’re one of the people making it happen. Together we share a purpose that attracts, inspires and unites the best people – together we’re a strong team.

We provide solutions to world-class clients across the UK, Germany, Nordics and Benelux.

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  • Fast track your career with best-
    ​in-class, bespoke training

  • Be inspired: work with the people
    ​who are changing the world

  • Be totally in control of your life
    ​& earn the rewards you want 

  • Live to the max and be the best
    ​version of yourself

Now you should want proof all this happens here. No problem. Here are some of our stories…

  • Josh Djumpah


    Joined London team as Trainee in 2016. Received intense 13 week training course. Within 12 months had a book of 21 contract runners which was a company record. Achieved highest growth biller and rewarded with a VIP experience on the company trip.

    Most inspiring project was placing the whole team at Brit Insurance on their delegated authority/conduct risk project across an eight week period.

    'My future goal is to become Team Lead and grow a team of consultants to become the market-leading new business desk servicing the non-life insurance market.'

  • Kirsty McIntyre


    Joined London team as Senior Consultant in 2014. Attended 13 week Venquis Training Academy. Promoted to Senior Consultant in 2015. Achieved £500K billings in 2017. 

    Recently helped HSBC Asset Management with its global OMS implementation. Placed Global Programme Director, Programme Test Manager, Programme Manager, Business Analyst and Data Architect.

    ‘My future goal is to become the first female at Venquis to bill £1 million.’

  • Tom Fernandez-Buckley


    Joined the London team as Trainee in 2014. Was part of the first ever Venquis Training Academy. At the end of first year was given the opportunity to relocate to Munich to help set up the office. Hit €1 million in billings and promoted to a Management position in 2018. Been top perm biller for the last three years, rewarded with VIP trips to Oktoberfest, Nice and Las Vegas.

    ‘My future goal is to have grown my team to 10 consultants and to support the business by opening another international office.’

  • Meera Joshi


    Joined London team as a Senior Consultant in 2016 with two years recruitment experience. Promoted to Insurance Delivery Team Lead after two years. Voted ‘Employee of the Year’ for 2017 and was awarded with a trip to Las Vegas.

    Recently was invited to discuss the Brexit Programme at Hiscox and assisted them in sourcing a number of candidates to make up the programme team.

    ‘My aim is to have a fully developed team of 8 consultants for Insurance contract delivery and to create a contract book worth £1.5million.’

Fast track your career with the Venquis Training Academy

Investment in our people is one of our priorities; every year Venquis spends 5% of our profit on training for all of our employees.

If you are joining us as a Trainee, you will be enrolled onto our Training Academy from day one. It doesn't stop there. Training is ongoing at Venquis, whether you are a Consultant, Team Leader or Director, your progression is at the heart of our business.

Our vision, from day one, is for you to realise your full potential. We invest a great deal in helping you to be your best. It doesn’t matter what stage in your career you join us, rest assured you will benefit from our excellent training programme.


The Academy

An industry leading intensive, target-driven training programme will allow you to gain the skills and knowledge to take the next steps in your career and be the best Recruitment Consultant you can be.


Good to Great

Workshops, masterclasses and external training courses will support you on your journey from Consultant to Senior Consultant. Our training ensures that you will be continuously learning and perfecting new skills to take you from 'good to great'.


Leadership Management

We offer you a career with no limits. Whether you decide to progress to an Advanced Sales or Leadership role, we will provide external training and excellent mentoring and coaching to set you up for success.

How we reward our people

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    Travel more
    Annual trips celebrating success have seen us visit Las Vegas, Barcelona, Munich & Nice. It’s Portugal in 2019.

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    Control your earnings
    Receive market leading base salary and commission structure. 

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    Be your best
    We lead the way in supporting your continuous development, and invest heavily in bespoke, interactive training.

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    Give back 
    Annual volunteering days and the option to take part in charity events is encouraged.

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    Live healthy
    Our ‘Fit for Work’ programmes include free boxing, football and yoga, healthy snacks and nutritionist talks.

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    High performers club
    Enjoy meals at exclusive restaurants and activities such as Ascot and climbing the 02.

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    Relaxed dress code
    Enjoy the freedom of “dressing as appropriate” every day of the week.

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    Work flexibly
    Our tech platform allows you to work flexibly around your personal responsibilities.

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    Save money
    Our health insurance offers you 75% off Champneys Spa, 50% off gym membership and the newest Apple watch for £29 up front.

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    Holiday more
    Enjoy between 25-31 days holiday when you start and buy or sell days to suit you.

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    Health Insurance
    Lead a healthier life with fast access to the best possible medical care when things go wrong.

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    Work abroad
    Opportunity to work in the London, Bristol or Munich offices, with more European and UK offices opening in 2018.

Do we share the same values?

Our values underpin everything we do. They are what define our company and individuals alike. If these are qualities that define you, then this is the place for you.


Ambitious. We’re always looking for people who want to be a success. Are you a person who wants to excel and be a leader in your field? Do you know what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it?


Distinctive. It’s our people that set us apart. Are you prepared to stand out from the crowd, bringing both a fresh approach and expertise to the people you work with?


Reassuring. If you have the ability to sound credible and you’re prepared to put in the extra effort to become an expert in your field, we’d love to speak to you.


Team Spirited. Do you enjoy being part of a team? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and wider opportunities with the teams around you? If that’s you, then let’s chat. 

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