Round-up of the best online events


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Festival of Marketing 

23rd - 25th March 2021 (GMT) 

Explore new marketing trends and learn, discover and shape the future with other ambitious marketeers. From this event, you will hear from some of the most innovative marketing businesses and exciting thought leaders. 

Re-work Deep Learning Summit 
15th & 16th April 2021 (BST)


Dive into meaningful sessions that will give you updates on the latest technological research advancements and how they have been applied worldwide in different businesses and through society. 

Kafka Europe Summit 
11th May 2021 (GMT)


This event is for all data architects, engineers, DevOps professionals, and developers who want to learn about the future of streaming technologies.

12th May 2021 (EMEA) 

Gain practical insights and build valuable skills through interactive content by attending the premier hybrid cloud and AI event. Learn how to overcome obstacles so you can focus on your business transformations.

Future of Branding Week

6th June 2021

This event is a jammed pack week of learning where you will learn how leading brands disrupt the industry and use new channels and technology to reach their audiences. The event brings together the CMOs, brand strategists, creative directors and heads of marketing who want to be ahead of the competition. 

Dublin Tech Summit  
17th June 2021


Are you looking to scale your start-up or future-proof your business? Then look no further. The Dublin Tech summit brings together some of the best technologies, companies, projects, and communities from over 70 countries worldwide.