Venquis Rejuvenation Day


Alex Bigland internal, company culture, new hires...

This year has been quite a year, throwing up a few unexpected challenges for us all. Back in March we found our lives changing literally overnight. Not least the way we worked, not having the freedom to see family and friends whenever we wanted and keeping our food cupboards stocked. Some of us found ourselves facing the challenge of being furloughed, many of us had to learn how to keep working closely with colleagues that were now only visible through a screen. All of us have had to learn to adapt.

Our team at Venquis has been amazing, embracing the challenges thrown up and supporting each other through the tough parts. The Venquis culture has always been hugely important to our success and its strength has shone through when it has really counted. That resilience has produced some great successes and we have added new clients, new locations, and new colleagues over the last few months.

There has been some fun along the way too – Joshua Djumpah’s bootcamp, Kirsty McIntyres’ virtual running club, and even managing an in-person Sports Day. We’ve always recognised the importance of our Fit for Work programme in keeping us physically and mentally healthy, but it’s been especially important this year and we’ll continue to find ways to keep us all healthy and strong over the winter months.

In recognition of all that’s gone on this year and as a big ‘thank you’ for all the hard work that the team has put in, last Friday was our ‘Rejuvenation Day’. It was a chance for everyone to have a day off, relax and do something for themselves in readiness for a busy last quarter. We may still live in a world filled with uncertainty but one thing’s for sure, we will keep supporting each other at Venquis in whatever ways we can.