My journey at Venquis


Nicol Teschers recruitment, culture, values...

I've been with Venquis for over a year now. I started my career at our headquarters in London and managed the internal recruitment for our German office in Munich, as a talent acquisition consultant. I developed a strategy to make our interview process diverse, speedy and more efficient and have successfully hired multiple consultants at all levels into our brilliant DACH business.

Shortly before another trip to Munich in February 2020, I visited my family in Germany. I come from a small town near Aachen and celebrated a festival there for a few days until I got the shocking news that the Corona-Virus had spread there. It wasn’t possible to return to London and I had to cancel my trip to Munich – nightmare, as I had to spend 14 days in quarantine with my parents!

3 months later and we were still in lockdown. Venquis has always had a vision to be a digital business with consultants working from anywhere in the world and the pandemic accelerated these plans. I used this opportunity in two ways:

 I visited a friend in Nantes, France, after the borders were finally re-opened. We had a couple of nice days on the beach at St. Malo & Mont St. Michele and the rest of the days I worked as normal from her apartment. Secondly, I decided to move back to Germany after the lockdown period. Not to Munich where we have an office, but to Cologne. It’s where a lot of my friends and  family are and the food is a lot better than the UK... Despite the working from home option, I wasn't sure whether this would work for Venquis because it’s not close to one of our office hubs. In an open discussion with my manager and our HR manager, there were no concerns or restrictions. On the contrary, they understood I could be just as productive in Cologne and fully supported my decision.

In two weeks I’m moving to my own apartment in Cologne. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the quiet of working from home and spending time with my family, who are very happy to have me back near them.

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