How PPL turned week-long processes into minutes for 360 market firms


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In 2015, PPL disrupted the insurance industry by developing a digital e-placing platform that removed a previous paper trail process for all brokers and insurers in the London Market. The system works as a single market solution and found new innovative ways to do things - such as creating a digital information flow audit trial, which covered all classes of risk placed in the London Insurance Market.

"Venquis have been an integral partner to PPL since our inception. Venquis really understand the type of person that works well in the unique PPL team.  Over the last 5 years they have provided a number of great resources with a wide range of skills that have been crucial to the growth of the company." - Colin O’Malley, Head of Operations, PPL

An outsourced solution that matched the mission

PPL took advantage of Venquis’s thorough screening technology and a fully tailored outsourced solution to deliver the platform based on their requirements. From the outset, Venquis was able to take charge of sourcing all of the vital skillset’s and the specialists placed. These included Business Analysts, Testers, Architects, Relationship Managers and Product Owners.

Currently, the platform is being used by over 360 market firms and has allowed insurers and brokers to work together remotely. The Venquis specialists accounted for 60-70% of the project task force, some which have been retained to support PPL on building an updated version of the platform in an agile delivery. This will support insurers and brokers to reduce costs and provided a faster placement of complex risks and increase transparency – a project Venquis continues to support.

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