Things you might not know about remote working


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1) In the Thesaurus remote also means distant, far-flung, isolated, lonely, obscure, outlying and secluded. 

2) People only started commuting to their work or office spaces in the 1800s, before then everyone worked in their own homes (as butchers, candlestick makers, blacksmiths etc.) 

3) The first-ever remote worker was St Paul of Thebes (born 227 AD). He lived in the mountains of this desert in a cave near a clear spring and a palm tree. The leaves provided him with clothing and the fruit of which provided him with his only source of food until he was 43 years old. Then a raven started bringing him half a loaf of bread daily. He would remain in that cave for the rest of his life, almost a hundred years. 

4) In the TV sitcom pilot called Remotely Working, there are five quirky diverse millennials, none of whom “has a personal life that is even remotely working.” 

5) Pre-Coronavirus there were more remote workers in the Netherlands than anywhere else (14% versus 4% in the UK). 

6) Companies allowing remote work to have 25% lower employee turnover than those that don’t. 

7) The record number of jobs held concurrently by a remote worker is 23 (this has been hard to prove, presumably as they have been busy). 

8) The most remote place on earth is most likely to be the volcanic island of Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic boasts a population of 258 people with only nine different last names. 

9) Napoleon Bonaparte tried remote working when he exiled to the island of Elba, he couldn’t lead an army remotely and escaped to France in early 1815 before his crushing defeat at Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington on June 18, 1815. Napoleon subsequently exiled to the island of Saint Helena off the coast of Africa. 

10) You could call your workforce distributed and avoid all these problems! 

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