Is it time to call for the Chief automation officer (CAO)?


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In the UK we have the “Government automation taskforce” lead by Ian Dalton to ensure that central government is fully prepared and best able to take advantage of opportunities to deliver better, more efficient services using automation technologies.

Companies which are the quickest to automate (successfully) reap many rewards – enhanced customer experiences, lower costs, less errors, better employee allocation to name a few.

The CAO brings these benefits. The role is to deliver efficiencies at scale across the organisation. This might involve swapping humans doing repetitive processes for robotics and AI in warehouses, call centres, doctors’ surgeries, banks etc as part of a business’ digital transformation strategy.

There are sensitive issues to be negotiated across the enterprise requiring a hybrid of skills and experience. Not least is the relationship with the Board, the CTO and the Chief Digital Officer.

Some organisations have chosen to engage with external consultants to bring in expertise and avoid the politics. They may also be avoiding real engagement and results. Wherever the role sits these are forward thinking leaders who understand automated tools, hardware and software.

Above all they bring a strategic view and create roadmaps for organisations, optimising workflows, orchestrating automation with the right technology.

Successful ongoing automation is a game changer. If you'd like to discuss this with Barnaby Parker, Executive Chairman at Venquis, please reach out.