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How one company introduced AI to insurance – Artificial Labs

It all started when a Business Analyst was put forward for a role at Novae, an insurance underwriting company operated through Lloyd’s of London. But with no current positions at the time, her impressive skill set in the insurance industry had Novae recommend her to one of its partners, Artificial Labs instead. Little did they know, this had just helped spark another opportunity.

Dipika Carter was hired as Artificial Labs first Business Analyst, and within a few months was promoted to Head of Operations. This set the path for Artificial Labs to develop smart solutions for the next generation of insurance customers through innovation in machine learning and AI. Dipika and her team are at the forefront of tech innovation, and building a digital toolkit for the future of insurance.

The individuals hired have helped increase their revenue, reduced their costs and made them more time-efficient.

Changed reimagined

Artificial Labs have worked with Venquis for 5 years and they have been instrumental in our success. The introductions made have been exceptional and furthermore they have supported us in areas far beyond their remit including client introductions, employer branding and leadership development.” – David King, Founder, Artificial Labs.

For almost a decade, Venquis has partnered with companies such as Artificial Labs to execute their strategy. Technology is reshaping businesses as we speak and we can offer you the convenience, advice and skillset to implement the change you have imagined.

The difference between those who change the world and those who don’t is that those who do, believe that they can. Start here, start now.