What is Stewardship?


Alex Bigland Stewardship, join us

At Venquis we have always put purpose at the heart of everything we do. Since our founding, we have recognised that how we behave as a business transformation specialist has a part to play in how transformational that change can be for the environment and communities that we and our clients operate in. The creation of our values and making sure they were embedded in everything we did from day one both internally and externally was an important part of this, and we have always made sure that those values have remained at the heart of anything we do.

Of course, our approach has evolved over the years and as we grew, we realised that there were a number of different initiatives underway in the business which all had a common purpose; to make us better in some way – whether it was how we engaged with clients, or introducing a flexible working policy or ensuring that our technology was cutting edge. By pulling these all together our stewardship programme was born. The programme very simply covers five core areas: governance (processes and regulation), workplace (employee engagement), clients (the service we offer and how we offer it), community (how we engage with the community we work within) and environment (our impact and how we mitigate it) and the programme remains underpinned by our values. Having these distinct areas makes sure that no part of the business is overlooked or falls behind.

What has it done for us?

By pulling together these areas under the umbrella of stewardship, it has provided us with a structured framework to develop against. Internally the launch of the programme has allowed for more cohesive conversations within the company around certain topics, helping people understand how these projects fit against the bigger picture.

The creation of the programme has also allowed us the opportunity to examine how we approach everything we do. The upshot has been, better processes and a more disciplined approach on reviewing procedures and the like, as well as moving us forwards on initiatives that benefit our staff and the communities around as alike.

Externally it provides a great opportunity to strengthen our rapport with clients. As the global spotlight increasingly highlights issues that fall within the stewardship remit such as equal pay, global warming, and equality, there are many challenges that all companies are facing whatever the industry. This provides a chance for knowledge sharing and genuine partnerships being forged through expertise. It’s opened up new conversations with clients and has given us opportunities to learn from their initiatives too.

Faster, Better, Smarter

In everything we do and our stewardship programme has become a key ingredient in helping us to do that. We are still on a journey and the programme will keep on evolving. It can of course be challenging at times but it’s without a doubt been rewarding too and a worthwhile experience that we would recommend to any company thinking of taking the plunge.