How our authenticity helps your success.


Alex Bigland

Placing a higher value on authenticity will help increase the positive outcome of a project. At Vq, we help you to improve productivity and ensure the successful implementation of your projects.

Authenticity by its very definition is not something that you can fake. It combines genuineness and originality and the result is the growth of trust and credibility between parties.

At Venquis, we believe in creating authentic relationships with our clients and candidates. From experience, we know that this leads to more long-lasting partnerships and better results all round. For us, our authenticity is sparked by a genuine interest in what another person, project, or company is doing and by making sure that we keep our values (to be distinctive, team-spirited, ambitious and reassuring) at the heart of everything we do. That’s a pretty good starting point for ensuring we place the right people into the right projects, gearing everyone up for success from the outset.

For clients, that means that we’ll take the time to properly understand where your challenges are. We won’t just hear what you have to say, we’ll actively listen. As a result, we often come up with innovative solutions that clients haven’t even considered. Our agile way of thinking allows us to be flexible, regardless of location, scale or complexity, and to deliver change projects successfully across Europe.

Our candidates are just as important to us. No matter where you’re based, we’ll take the time to get to know you and understand what’s important to you; whether that’s the culture of your future employer, the opportunity for flexible working or quite simply making the numbers work for you. We’ll take the time to search out the right roles and when it comes to interviewing, we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to perform at the top of your game. In short, we’ve got your back.

Our stewardship encapsulates this authenticity. It captures our passion for what we do, and it means that we put purpose before profit. We mean what we say when we talk about being a force for good. The result? A team that is driven to put our clients’ and candidates’ needs first, ensuring the best possible solutions for you.