How purpose moves us


Barnaby Parker Stewardship, CSR, join us...

In our forties, humans instinctively look at their place in the world, question their intentions and become more cognisant of their impact….and my desire to be a positive force in the world has been integral to the launch and growth of Venquis as a business.  


So, what does this mean in practice? As a start, there are recycling posters made from recycled paper all around the Venquis office and we all recycle. We know that the train between our London and Munich offices takes about 10 winding hours – an appealing Agatha Christie-style adventure if you’re not in a hurry. Our company getaway is in Wales this year, no sunny destination for us if it will add 20% to our individual carbon footprints.  The small things matter too; they indicate to me that our culture is one of putting purpose first, single-use plastic is frowned upon and company meals tend to be vegan. Volunteer days are commonplace, we have employee representatives on the Board, genuine employee ownership and equal opportunities are at our core. 


If you’re a client you will have experienced our knowledgeable Venquis consultants asking about your environmental policies, diversity, governance and sustainability practices.  Our recruiters are proud of their clients and work with you to help your businesses appeal to their candidates. And our candidates now want to know what your sustainability policy is and what sort of impact your business has on the planet. Not everyone’s stated aim is to be carbon positive by 2030 but whatever yours is we can help attract candidates that will share and develop it. The last thing any of our candidates want is to join a company and then discover its fast-growing data service is actually being used to collect data on individuals and infringe civil liberties in an oppressive regime. 


Integrating stewardship into our business is challenging and Venquis definitely hasn’t perfected it. Many of our employees worry about their rent (January is a long month!) and they want the same opportunities to travel that their parents had. Our challenge as an employer is to balance employee needs with those of the planet, to make work really fulfilling, fun and rewarding while improving the world around us.  


Bearing in mind that any company is a group of individuals brought together for a common purpose why not make that purpose more than just profit? 


- Barnaby Parker, Executive Chairman