Venquis wins at the Global Recruiter Awards 2019


Roshni Sudra

I’m on Alcatraz island in San Francisco soaking up the sun and all the history of this incredible place, imagining what life as an inmate must have been like when my phone rings, it’s Kirsty from work back in London;

“Tom.. you won”!

5 years ago, as a recent graduate with a great deal of enthusiasm and in all honesty, little else, I walked into a small office above a Tesco in Trafalgar Square on my first day as a trainee recruitment consultant at Venquis. The news I’ve just received means that back in London, I’ve just been named the Best Permanent Recruitment Consultant for 2019 at the Global Recruiter Magazine Awards, now that is pretty awesome!

My life has changed beyond recognition since that summer in 2013. I’ve worked harder than I’ve ever imagined possible, learned and developed daily which has rewarded me with countless incredible moments. This includes relocating to live in Germany, generating bundles of fees with amazing clients and personally being in a stable financial position to achieve all my goals.   

This is all because I am part of a team, an incredibly focussed determined and ambitious team. I did not become top perm biller at Venquis by luck, the business has not grown to a £50m T/O by chance. We work hard, really hard but somehow it has never felt like that. Why? It’s because I want to do it, I want to play my part in helping Venquis achieve its goal of becoming the No.1 Business Transformation recruiter. I want my colleagues to all become successful and change their lives, I want more people to join us and experience the same lightspeed life changing experiences I have. I want to work as hard for the team as I know they all do for me; I want to come to work every day.

My phone is buzzing like mad with congratulation messages from Venquis employees, they are all going out tonight to celebrate for me. That is an awesome team.








I would highly recommend a career at Venquis, if you would like to hear more about our opportunities at Venquis in our UK, Benelux and Germany offices please contact Madina Ali and James Feeney or visit our Join Us page.