Bristol Change Forum: Open Banking and Technology


Roshni Sudra

Wednesday 1st May 2019. 'Bristol Change Forum' evening event

The guests 20 C-level executives of change and transformation within Bristol.  

The hosts Hargreaves Lansdown and Venquis, business transformation and technology change recruitment specialists.

Location Hargreaves Lansdown, Bristol

Our second Bristol Change Forum took place earlier this month at Hargreaves Lansdown impressive Harbourside office. The Forum saw a great mixture of existing Change members as well as some new faces who were attending for the first time. There was an interesting discussion and debates about the topic of ‘Open Banking – what it means to our industry and how we overcome it’.

The evening began with an insightful presentation from Phil Cottis, Strategy Manager at Hargreaves Lansdown who discussed their current strategy around ‘Open Banking’, the use of data, as well as insights into innovations and changes in the market.

A key topic that was deliberated on was ethical considerations, an area high on any organisations agenda. Examples of extensive due diligence, transparency and embedding a strong culture at all levels within the business were a theme across the discussion groups. There were great case studies about Amazon, Argos and Sky’s business models and what has worked and not worked in these instances.

The main concerns that were discussed were around cost (time and money to comply), concerns over fraudulent activity when dealing with vast amounts of data or “messy data” when dealing with legacy systems.

There was a great networking session amongst the Change Forum Members once the debate was over.

Scott Murphy, our Regional Manager here at Venquis would personally like to thank Russell, Becca and Philip from Hargreaves Lansdown for helping to arrange this event and for their hospitality at such a great venue. We are already in discussion about the agenda/location for the next event so please feel free to get in touch on should you be interested in attending. We look forward to seeing you all in Quarter 3!

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