My journey to my 3-year milestone at Venquis


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Venquis was my first step into the world of recruitment and what a step it was. Having done two successful internships at PUMA and GfK in Germany, I was in two minds as to what sort of career path I wanted to follow. Either remaining in Nuremberg living quite a chilled life or moving to the hustle & bustle of London. The latter was my choice…

I’ve just hit the 3-year milestone at Venquis. A journey which began with me joining the Venquis Training Academy, being taught the fundamentals of recruitment by the best trainers in the industry, to recently stepping up in to a Team Leader position where I have the responsibility of passing that knowledge on to my growing team.

Venquis has a special culture which welcomes consultants at all levels. If you are looking to jump into your first ever recruitment job, you will be trained by a former top biller and numerous successful consultants on the sales floor, to achieve your goals. If you already have experience and want to take that next step up, perhaps down the Leadership route, then Venquis is a good place for you.

Next step...Leadership training

I’m just about to start a 13-month Leadership training course at Venquis which will allow me to work closely with a personal development expert to understand the various angles of Leadership. This course will cover 2 to 3 modules a week including ‘Methods of Communication, Time Management and Presenting.’ At the end of it, I’ll be ready to lead a high-performance team to achieve the top rewards possible in recruitment.

To sum up (and I’m not saying this because my MD is looking over my shoulder), Venquis really is an excellent platform to achieve whatever you want in life. Whether that is money, working abroad in our Germany or Netherlands offices or just a healthy work-life balance, Venquis will be a huge step in the right direction.

Visit to find out more about the exciting opportunities we have at Venquis.