4 years and counting. My journey so far


Kirsty McIntyre CMI, Training, Leadership...

​I joined Venquis in 2014 with no recruitment experience. What attracted me most was the 13-week  academy which helped me to find my feet quickly, and after a year I became a Senior Consultant. Two and a half years in I reached the half a million milestone and my next goal is to bill one million by early next year. 

There have been many other perks along the journey, including 4 overseas company trips, the opportunity to work from our Munich office (including an incentive to Oktoberfest! pictured here), our annual sports day and so on. Venquis offers a professional platform with a fun culture for anyone who’s looking for 180 to 360 roles in recruitment.

Being here for 4 years I’m keen to keep learning so I’m about to embark on an accredited Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Team Leadership course. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in as it will allow me to progress much quicker in my current role as Account Manager and help with managing challenges that may arise when building out a team in the near future. The online course allows me to go at my own pace and is flexible around my working hours. I will have support from a personal tutor which will allow me to work closely with other team leaders at Venquis who are participating on the course. The course works for me as I can learn through watching videos and listening to podcasts as opposed to reading from text books. It’s a great opportunity with clear step-by-step goals covering strategic management capabilities, people management and development skills. At the end of the course I'll gain a CMI qualification.

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