#WalkForFreedom – The Fight for Freedom around the World


Shivani Patel Blog

A21 are a non-profit organisation who believe in a world without slavery. Slavery is a $150 billion industry, 1% ever rescued. This statistic is daunting, A21 are on a mission to abolish human trafficking and modern slavery. They work in 14 different locations across the globe, stopping human trafficking before it starts, focusing on fierce intervention and providing restorative aftercare.

Tanya Howard is part of our Insurance Contract team at Venquis and is a passionate believer in the charity, A21. Tomorrow, she is joining them in their 5th annual ‘Walk for Freedom’. #WalkForFreedom is a global event that raises awareness and donations to support the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery.

Even though each of us can’t do everything to abolish human trafficking and modern slavery, we can all do something by either donating or spreading this message bringing awareness.

Tanya’s target is to raise £500, her efforts can be the difference between slavery and freedom for many.

From the whole Venquis team, we are wishing you the best of luck Tanya!