Individuals vs. a team


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You don’t need to be a golfing fan to appreciate how easily (in the end) team Europe dismantled the US at this year’s Ryder Cup in Italy 17.5 – 10.5. On paper the USA has better players, has won more majors and on a man for man basis is arguably the stronger team. So why then did Europe hammer them? This isn’t a one off either. The world of sport continuously provides examples of the supposed underdog outplaying and outperforming the Goliath. Anyone old enough to remember Bobby Gould’s Crazy Gang Wimbledon toppling Liverpool in the 1988 FA Cup final?

So why does this happen? For me it is simple: Europe is a team that works together to encourage and bring out the best in the individuals. They are united from the top down, everyone knows their role, they are passionate to be part of the team and determined to do everything they can to be successful. They are in it together. Team Europe even made sure the grounds staff responsible for preparing the course were recognised for the part they played in the victory. Now on the other hand, team US is a group of individuals all wanting to be top dog and doing what’s best for himself whatever the cost. Blame culture is commonplace and it’s just the badge on their shirts that identifies them as a team. Apparently in the US dressing room they had a sign on the wall stating “Leave your egos at home”, the question is, did any of them read it?

Now I may be over simplifying this, but the world of recruitment (and probably most industries) is the same. A business that has a clear vision that everyone understands, that offers clarity around roles and responsibilities, provides the best tools and techniques available to succeed, encourages a collaborative and agile working environment, leaves nothing to chance and shares the success amongst everyone who played their part, for me, will always come out on top.

At Venquis we are going to be that company. We have a clear vision to be the No1 in Business Transformation and we have created an incredible infrastructure that allows complete freedom of working location to foster better working relationships. As I write this we have London guys working in our Munich and Bristol offices. Why? Why not? We have a company annual trip that everyone goes on (not just our top billers). We offer continuous training and development for everyone and the best reward scheme in the market. And because we recognise that each and every one of us is involved in achieving the Venquis goals, we have rolled out a share scheme that is committed to all our employees having the opportunity to actually own a slice of Venquis, not just work for it.

Come join a team.