International Women's Day 2018 #PressforProgress


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Sales is traditionally seen as a male dominated environment. But at Venquis we know that’s not true, in fact our business is full of successful female role models. 50% of our Exec Board are women and 50% of our Sales Team Leads are women too. We believe in equality! Here’s what some of our women have to say.

Clare Eades, Business Development Director

After 17 years in an industry defined by targets, sales, long hours and men in boardrooms,  I have always been driven to achieve a successful career but at the same time not wanting to miss out on an active family life. I made a choice to continue my career with young babies and have navigated through the difficulties that often don’t get spoken about. It is all possible and I didn’t have to choose. Over the years I’ve seen a huge change in attitudes across all variety of organisations that I’ve recruited for and the recognition that women add value at all levels is becoming more widely talked about. It is important we appreciate day to day challenges women face in the work place and at home and offer a supportive environment to succeed.  I’ve surrounded myself with like-minded female professionals and learnt top tips from my successful female client base.

Meera Joshi, Delivery Team Lead - Insurance

A career in recruitment has given me opportunities that I never thought I would have had. Venquis has offered me the support to allow me to progress quickly to Team Leader level and I now lead a team that I am proud of!

Soni Dobra, Consultant – Industry & Commerce

Having recently joined Venquis I am one of a growing number of women joining Recruitment. I’m looking forward to proving why women should work in Sales!