How to Succeed in a Career in Change Management


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As workplaces continue to face obstacles – both internally and externally – the change management sector carries on growing. Brexit, the Trump presidency, entrepreneurial advancements, and heightened privacy and security risks have all provoked seismic shifts in the business world. It’s now the role of change management consultants everywhere to help companies take stock, adapt and move forward – and it’s a stronger demand than we’ve ever seen before.

If you have a natural instinct for anticipating big crossroad moments and recognising cyclical patterns, then you’re set to thrive in a career in change management. Here we outline some key steps for success in one of the most futureproof industries.

  1. Be malleable

So much of what makes a change management professional desirable is their ability to act like an industrial chameleon. Organisations looking to hire change management consultants are looking to hire talent from outside their industries to help provide that external perspective. It’s a valuable trait.     

  1. Develop confidence in the face of ambiguity

Change management consultants are not fortune tellers. There is no crystal ball that will validate your course of action. You need to be able to deal with uncertainty, make rapid decisions and manage the consequences – whether they pan out in your favour, or not.

  1. Stay curious

This is a career that hinges on metamorphosis; a career that is forever facing forward and exploring fresh discoveries and developments with zeal. So, you should never allow your learning to stagnate. You can never know too much. Go to salons and lectures. Read voraciously. Finally, use your intuition to tie all the threads of your study together.

  1. Learn to communicate

There is a difference between speaking and communicating. Anyone can speak to a group, but few possess the skill to really make themselves heard and understood. As a change management consultant, it is not enough for you to have a grasp of the company’s trajectory, you need to convey that message to stakeholders in terms they will understand. Learning to speak jargon-free and succinctly is a very important skill to develop. Sign up to your local toastmasters to gain valuable public speaking experience.

  1. Network, network, network

You better have a taste for caffeine because it takes a lot of coffee meetings to succeed in the profession of your dreams. Meet with anyone you think might be able to help you on your quest. Take note of head honchos to contact. Attend conferences.

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