‘Working mum’ campaign for leading transport & logistics client


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We worked with a key client in transport & logistics to run a campaign with the aim of boosting the number of female hires within the IT division. We identified that the role, flexibility, and location would potentially be an ideal position for working mothers who lived in the Maidenhead area who couldn’t balance a commute to London with childcare commitments but had the right qualifications to do the role.

In addition to our normal hiring process we created a fully managed advertising campaign (local press, social media, specific job boards), and ran drop in workshops to reach out to our target audience. The campaign proved enormously successful and we successfully placed 7 female professionals into the original 10 assignments.

The successful applicants feel invested in the company as the hours and location are ideally suited for them and the client has made a start on improving their gender ratio. The success of the campaign has opened up a different way of looking at roles and identifying suitable candidates and we have since ran similar campaigns for other clients.