Q2 Energy and Utilities Update


As we know, the Utilities vertical is going through massive transformation driven by a number of factors such as government legislation, smart metering and not least the deregulation of the water industry. The whole smart debate has gathered momentum and fallen away more times than the rollout itself, however, one area that has come under increased and sustained focus is how the customer will be effected by all the change happening now and past April 2017 and this is having a dramatic effect on the hiring focus of the management consultancies who have an interest in the utilities area.  

The Utilities consumer has, and will continue to have, increased power and choice and the Utilities providers are traditionally poor when it comes to focussing on their consumers. As such the suppliers are looking to protect and grow their market share by engaging expert help from teams of Management Consultants who possess a blend of experience across Digital Strategy, Customer Engagement and Omni-channel Customer Experience, in addition to having spent time working in the Utilities vertical, which traditionally has not been an area where this combination of skills have been in abundance.

​The majority of Consultancies are now looking to increase their teams in this area and most are over 100% utilisation, meaning if they can’t get the consultants in to the business then they’re leaving revenue on the table. So if you’re a digital or customer transformation consultant with utilities experience in the market today, you now have a wealth of options of where to go next.