Business Transformation in the Digital Age – a strategy for commercial organisations


Predicting the future of IT is more complicated than ever, and the future is set to become even more uncertain.  The need to act properly has become vital .  New competitive relationships are being fashioned at an alarming rate, so much so that the conventions we hold about how to react to the use of technology to compete are being tested.  We are living in a digital age and the traditional ways of approaching things are being challenged.  Over the next decade the importance of technology will delineate those who will be successful and those who will not.

All of this is having an impact on both business and importantly IT strategy.   Business leaders within IT are realising that they must now reinvent the business processes that support their digital business. Processes which were previously enhanced for scalability need to be transformed to become vastly more flexible and bespoke to fully develop customer behaviours. 

But moreover, decision makers face a vast array of competing pressures. On the one hand, they must strive to innovate in order to keep up with these changing behaviours whilst simultaneously keeping pace with a dramatically changing technology environment. This has to be achieved against a backdrop of bottom line improvements, which includes rationalisation, cost cutting and improved efficiencies.

What is clear is that businesses need to establish a strategy and an approach for dealing with this issue.  However it is difficult as many IT business leaders are struggling with the concepts.  It is after all a very new area and one which is uncertain and constantly evolving.

It’s for this reason that we recently held a seminar “Business Transformation in the Digital Age.”  We focused on the following fundamentals:

·  Facing the challenges
·  Business transformation – the key philosophy
·  Getting down to it – influencing the key people
·  Keeping up the momentum
·  Enough of the 'why', how about the 'how'?
·  The times they are a-changing

A white paper from the event was created and is available on request - please contact,